100% RAW Powerlfiting | 2019 Meets

MAK Throwers is proud to be a sponsor to 100% RAW Powerlifting in the midwest. As part of our sponsorship we are hosting the registration as well as offering other technical needs for the meets in Nebraska and Iowa. 




$5.00 Spectator Fee (18 & Under FREE)




Eleiko Calibrated Weights

Ivanko Bar Capp Power Bar from Texas

Strict Curl Platform



@ Holiday Inn, next to Harrah's Casino
2202 River Rd, Council Bluffs, IA 51501
(712) 322-5050

Meet Director:
Dan Bunch | 402-301-1962

The American Challenge is on June 8th.
Registration ends on May 30th


Weigh-Ins and meet check in:
Friday night before each meet, 5-7 pm 
Saturday 7:00am - 8:30am

Rules Meeting will start at 8:30am and first flight of curlers will start off the meet right after that meeting. 


As of January 14, 2018 the rules for 100% RAW competitions have been updated. It is highly recommended that everyone reviews the changes. They are highlighted in yellow.  100 RAW General Rules (English) Drug testing will be conducted so be sure to take responsibility for what you put into your body. For help/info contact the USOC hotline at 1-800-233- 0393 or www.wada.com.


Paper registration is available for download here.

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  Approved knee sleeves will be permitted in the Classic Raw division only.  Knee sleeves may be worn only on the knees, and may not be in contact with the lifting singlet or socks.  In addition to being from an approved manufacturer, the knee sleeves must conform to the following: 
  • The sleeves must be constructed of a single ply of neoprene, and may include a non-supportive single layer of fabric over the neoprene. There may be stitched seams of the fabric and/or of the fabric onto the neoprene. The entire construction of the sleeves must be such as to not provide any appreciable support or rebound to the lifter’s knees; 
  • Knee sleeves shall be a maximum thickness of 7 mm and a maximum length of 30 cm; 
  • Knee sleeves shall not have any straps, Velcro, drawstrings, padding or similar supportive devices as part of them; 
  • Knee sleeves judged to be excessively tight by meet officials will be disallowed; 
  • The following are acceptable knee sleeve manufacturers: Rehband, SBD, Titan 




Payment is done via Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account just hit the Register button and we will reach out to you for an alternate payment.





Attorney Fees, Loss Liability, Damage, Or Cost Any May Incur As The Result Of Any Such Claim. I fully authorize my child to be tested for Steroids will during this competition to comply with the WADA drug free guidelines.

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