The mission of the

Metro Area Kilted Throwers

is to promote the development

of the Celtic cultures via festivals, sporting, and educational events.


The Metro Area Kilted Throwers began as a small group of friends wanting to train together between competitions in early 2014. Over the years we have a started a local games, a clinic series and in 2016 we made the decision to incorporate as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to help promote the Celtic athletic culture.

Our games, the Spring Fling, has over the years expanded to be the Spring Fling Pro/Am. This is a unique games in north America as it groups a Pro and several amateurs into a team. It also resides a few weeks before the opening of the IHGF Amateurs series. This makes for a great season opener for these top tier amateurs by throwing and learning from professional athletes. 

The Metro Area Kilted Throwers also host a number of educational workshops, bringing in some of the best pro Highland games athletes in the world.  After the success of our 2015 workshop with Isaac Burchett in 2016, the workshop series was expanded to include multiple locations in the midwest including Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and Michigan. For these clinics we have brought in professional athletes like four-time world champion Dan McKim, world record holder Chuck Kasson, highland family legend, Nate Burchett and other top professionals to share the art of the Highland games.